Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Gill Family Fall Festival 5K Run

Although I didn't race this race, I decided to write a re-cap anyway - mainly so I could share this family photo!
Reverse numerical order...
My husband had been planning our family's trip to the Gill Family Fall Festival ALS fundraiser since the day he heard about the event.  The brother of one of his closest friends was diagnosed with ALS and this was a way for the community in Southeast Kansas that they all grew up in to support him.  The festival was an all-day affair with numerous events, and we planned to help however we could.

Initially when Jon told me about the 5K I said I didn't want to run it, because I would have a long run that day and however I did the race it would mess up that up.  I don't like stopping my long runs, even for a moment, and anytime you stick a race into one you're going to have to stop at least a few minutes before the start, and then particularly if I win I feel bad if I don't stop briefly after finishing (and also if I make Jon pick up my award because I'm still running).  I also knew I didn't want to race it, because my September was already race-heavy and I suspected it would not be competitive so it would be a time-trial vs. a race.

As the event drew closer, I started feeling bad about not supporting the race, since everyone knows I run and race often, and non-runners don't understand key long runs, goal races, why I wouldn't run it when I run every day, etc.  I worried people would think I was being snobby by not running this race, especially after Albani decided she'd like to run it.  Since I knew I'd be tired on Saturday morning after a 3-hour drive to SE Kansas after work on Friday, I started thinking about switching my Friday and Saturday runs, meaning I'd run my long run before work on Friday and then do my "rest day" 4 miler on Saturday morning.  That would allow me to get in my quality long run, not stress about traveling/sleeping/fueling on Friday evening, and then do a mile warm up plus the 5K.  I suspected it would be small and I would probably be able to win overall female running a recovery pace.

Jon wasn't planning on running, but race morning he enthusiastically announced that he was going to run with Albani!  We arrived at the race a mere 15 minutes before the start (I'm there 45-60 minutes before when I'm racing, and I warm up a good 3 miles before a normal 5K), grabbed our numbers, and I went out for a 1 mile warm up.  Then we were off!

It quickly became clear that my prediction was right and I would be able to win first female running 7:30 pace, but you know 6:45 pace feels about like 7:30 pace when you're in a race, and that's what I ended up running for a 21:01 (I think the course was pretty much exactly accurate, too).  I won overall person, passing the first man about halfway.  It was an out and back course so I got to see, cheer for, and high-5 Albani and Jon as I went back.  I then grabbed my phone out of the car and went back on the course to take pictures and videos of Jon and Albani running in.  Jon "let" her out-kick him.
Running happy
The race did two awards categories:  16 and under, and over 16.  They didn't separate males and females, so Albani got a second place medal but she was really first female in 16 and under (the male on the left beat her).  I won the over 16 category, haha!  Albani ran the entire way and sure got a confidence boost from beating Jon.  She was the 3rd overall female too.  She wore her medal around for the entire day as usual.
16 & under
Sometimes marathon training makes me selfish; I get inflexible about my training schedule and unwilling to change my workouts around.  For the most part, this structure is a very good thing, but while it's important to have routine to training, I was proud of myself for being a little flexible, and also for getting into a race and not running hard (it's easier said than done!).  I was proud of Albani and Jon for running the whole 5K.  We then enjoyed a full day of fall festing, complete with a corn hole tournament, bounce houses, a car show, food, and friend time.  Then went spent some time on Grandpa Ibbetson's farm!
Inflatables = always winning
Cornhole tournament round 1
Cornhole tournament round 1
It's serious when one pant leg gets rolled up
(third and final round)
But have you ever bottle fed a calf while wearing your race


  1. Does pulling up one pant leg actually work? I could use that in my next corn hole tourney.

    1. It certainly can’t hurt, so give it a go! 😊 I would also like to point out that this 5K was the accurate distance...figures.

  2. Albani looks so small next to those older kids! I’m impressed she beat the girl!!!

    1. I was impressed with that too! I believe she paced better; Jon said that girl was ahead of them but then started slowing and eventually walking.

    2. Nice job teaching her pacing, momma!

    3. Jon probably deserves more credit than I do, but I think she is way above average for her age!