Wednesday, May 31, 2023


May 2023 in review!

Total mileage for the month: 125.3 (plus 271 ElliptiGo miles)
  • May 1-7: 11.5
  • May 8-13: 3.4
  • May 14-21: 30.4
  • May 22-28: 50.9
  • May 29-June 4: 62.6
Being back to a 10 mile morning felt
really great! #marvelousmay
No races or real running workouts this month; I did a few workouts on the elliptigo but nothing really worth writing about. I did strides on May 29, then hill strides on May 30 while my running buddies did a real hill workout. I will return to workouts when I feel ready, hopefully mid-June.

Race I should have run but instead spectated
Long Runs:
  • May 27: 12.2 miles (8:40), which felt good despite being slower than usual for a long run. My endurance returns quickly, but paces take longer! I did 10 miles on May 26 so those were back-to-back long runs at my current state.
Sweaty runch
Running Highlights:
  • This definitely wasn't my best month, but being able to increase my running after 4 weeks of very little was a huge blessing.
  • I run/walk spectated the Lincoln Marathon, where Casey placed 5th OAF on a warm day!
  • My running group had a "spring banquet", which mostly meant we wore real clothes and went a couple of places that were not running-related.
Miles from Mentor banquet

Nebraska capitol building

Award from Running from Yeti,
3 months later
Life Highlights:
  • My parents visited for a weekend and we saw Esther at the Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson, and went to Market in the Park in Rogersvsille, Sucker Days in Nixa, and Historic C Street in Springfield.
  • Albani completed her freshman year and her second year in JROTC.
This was an amazing play!

JROTC awards


Book club (which is also running group, lol!)

  • Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel
  • Spare by Prince Harry
  • Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton (book club read)
  • Circe by Madeline Miller
  • The Greatest Stories Never Told by Rick Beyer
  • Hang the Moon by Jeanette Walls
  • Stone Cold Fox by Rachel Koller Croft
  • Choosing to Run: A Memoir by Des Linden
  • Note: Like April, I had a lot of 4-star reads, but no 5-stars this month.
Theme for the month:
  • Mayday to start, Marvelous May to finish.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

(T)winning April

April 2023 in review!

Total mileage for the month: 181.8
  • March 27-April 2: 70.5
  • April 3-9: 68.3 
  • April 10-16: 64.1 (10.3 Elliptigo miles)
  • April 17-23: 4.0 (117.5 Elliptigo miles)
  • April 24-30: 19.8 (71.5 Elliptito miles) 
rabbit twins
  • April 8: Easter Sun Run "10k" and "2 mile". I thought these races, with warm ups and cool downs, would make a perfect long run workout while I was visiting my parents for Easter, and they in fact did! I was 1st OAF in the 10k and 2nd OAF in the 2 mile, and 1st masters woman in both.
Quintuplets here, kind of (Ann has on green &
Claudio is hiding in a jacket)
  • April 4: 6 x 1 mile with 1:00-2:00 recoveries at about half pace, 5k pace, 5k pace, 10k pace, 5k pace, 10k pace (6:17, 5:58, 6:00, 6:08, 5:52, 6:11). My plan was 2 x (1 at HMP, 1:00 jog, 1 at 10k, 2:00 jog, 1 at 5k, 3:00 jog), but by doing what I did instead I maximized the number of reps I was able to run with Spencer, and running with someone else always helps immensely! The 5:52 mile with him was easier than the 6:08 mile solo. 
  • April 8: The Easter Sun Run races were my long run workout for the week.
  • April 12: Mixed system workout of 4 x 300 m on the track on 1:00 recoveries, jog to road, 3 mile tempo, jog to hill, 4 x 1:30 hill reps. My 300s were good (all in 1:02), my tempo was solid (6:02, 6:03, 6:00), and the hill reps were the hardest 90 seconds of 6:30ish pace ever! I ran the 300s and tempo with Casey, then she left me in the dust on the hills. Not sure why I felt so strong on most of the workout and so bad on the hills, but I'm sure they were good for me.
  • I did some workouts on the Elliptigo but didn't really track them.
  • Strides: April 3, 7, 12, 14.
  • Doubles: April 4, 5 (I didn't count days when I ran and Elliptigoed, though technically those were doubles too and would have really added to this list!).
  • Favorite workout: April 4!
This one wasn't even planned! It's
a shirt from a local race.
We called this one #asskickingapril
but I couldn't hold my kick in the wind
Also #asskickingapril
Long Runs:
  • April 2: 15.6 miles (8:28), run-spectating the Go St. Louis Marathon.
  • April 8: 17.2 miles, with the Easter Sun Run races.
  • April 15: 20.0 miles (8:14), that was not pretty. This started as a 22 mile workout, which quickly changed to "just slog to 20" (and only that because I'd run 10 miles out on the Frisco trail). I felt completely out of gas, and I later hypothesized that my body wasn't letting me go fast to protect itself because of my looming instability issue (explained below). I didn't have any pain during this run, but I could NOT speed up for anything.
  • I did long Elliptigo rides on the two weekends I was unable to run long.
  • Favorite long run: April 2 and 8 tie, because run-spectating and racing are both such fun!
rabbit shorts match

Near match
Running Highlights:
  • Run-cheering at the Go St. Louis Marathon, where my running buddies Casey and Rebecca took 2nd and 3rd overall females, respectively. 
  • A definite lowlight was a little issue I had pop up. The short: an imbalance is causing pain.
    • The long: First both of my glutes were really sore (I thought it was the I-overdid-strength-work kind of sore), and my right got better quickly but my left didn't. I thought it was my left piriformis that was giving me grief, and immediately began rolling on a lacrosse ball and doubling down on strength and rehab stuff. Then my piriformis felt fine but both glutes got sore again, then my lower back joined the party. Next that all felt better and the pain moved to my right piriformis, then that went away, then the front of my left hip hurt. A PT friend graciously assessed me on April 16, and told me that lumbopelvic instability was causing the pain. Pain that moves is common with that, and she gave me lots of things to work on, which I have been doing religiously. It's really weird because there is no damage, but there is pain that is sometimes very intense and that can alter my gait. I'm really good at having odd things wrong with me and at having bad timing (ahem, Lincoln Marathon on May 7 is not happening)!
    • The longer is here.
    • I'm thankful for my Elliptigo, but I always prefer to run.
  • Three of my running buddies who I also coach ran the Boston Marathon this year. I loved tracking them, 33 other people I knew running it, and the professional races. I didn't get to watch the race until the weekend after, and this is a note to myself to take that day off work next year.
  • I also have a lot of thoughts on doping in professional running...maybe I need to start an anonymous blog for this.
St Louis Galleria Easter
back-drop photo op

Pre-marathon carb loading
for the St. Louis racers

We stopped at Uranus on the way home, which
was more funny than it should have been

Boston send off day for Spencer, Sierra, & Amy!
Life Highlights:
  • We visited my parents for Easter.
The closest we got to twinning
  • My Sister's Grave by Robert Dugoni
  • The Longest Race: Inside the Secret World of Abuse, Doping, and Deception on Nike's Elite Running Team by Kara Goucher and Mary Pilon
  • The Longest Race: A Lifelong Runner, An Iconic Ultramarathon, and the Case for Human Endurance by Ed Ayers
  • Everybody Knows by Jordan Harper
  • Meaty by Samantha Irby
  • Cackle by Rachel Harrison
  • Loyalty by Lisa Scottoline
  • No 5-star reads this month!
Theme for the month:
  • "Twinning" for the first half of the month; "I miss the endorphins and my running buddies" for the second half. It was not necessarily a winning April, but I liked that play on twinning for the title.

Saturday, April 29, 2023


I'm really good at getting weird things wrong with me (see also hip impingement, and I don't have a blog about it but cryptosporidium!). Add lumbopelvic instability to the list, also called pelvic ring instability or pelvic instability.

I got very little sleep April 1-2 and run-cheered at the St Louis Marathon on April 2, so when I woke up with sore glutes on April 3 I figured it was just from fatigue and sitting in the car. Both sides were sore so I didn't really give it a second thought. I ran as scheduled on on April 3 (easy) and 4 (workout) with the soreness, and after the workout I was really feeling it - but it was both sides so I still didn't think it was anything. Then on April 5-6 my right side felt better but the left side was still giving me grief, and I thought it was my piriformis. I began doing all of the piriformis rehab and strength, probably a bit obsessively. Both glutes got sore again and I felt something in my right piriformis and at times in my lower back, but I thought it was just from the extra strength and was thankful my left piriformis felt good.

I ran the Easter Sun run races on April 8 with minor discomfort, and took two days off after them to be cautious. By then the spot that I thought was the issue was fine, so I went back into a normal week of training that included a good workout on April 12 and a 20 miler that I bombed (but did not hurt during) on April 15. April 16, the front of my left hip started hurting during my run, and I immediately started walking because I worried that it was related to my hip impingement. But not long after my hip was fine and some other spot hurt.

A PT friend graciously assessed me that afternoon, and told me that lumbopelvic instability was causing the pain. Pain that moves is often how that presents, and it's weird because nothing is actually injured but those wonky imbalanced ligaments in my pelvis are causing pain. Of course the first things I asked were how to fix it (I have lots of exercises to work on, many of which are just tedious and not even "exercise") and what caused it (mostly genetics). If you Google it you'll find it's often an issue for women after pregnancy [face palm].

It will probably take 6-8 weeks to get through this, and I can run through it as tolerated, but unfortunately the pain levels I'm experiencing aren't allowing me to do more than 4-5 miles at the moment. I also stop anytime I start limping because that can lead to other problems. I have been able to ElliptiGo without pain so I've been subbing that in for most of my running since April 17.

The timing was crappy, but it almost always is. I won't be lining up for the Lincoln Marathon on May 7, but surprisingly that hasn't really bothered me. What has bothered me is not getting my daily endorphins! While I enjoy racing, I am at a point in my life where I'd be perfectly content to just do the training. Plus, often when it rains, it pours, and at the moment I really need to be running. Maybe I'll learn more patience thought this - because I need it, immediately!

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Easter Sun Run = Double the Fun

The short:

I figured the Easter Sun Run 10k and 2 mile races would be a great way to get in a long run workout while visiting my parents for Easter. I also hoped to make it onto overall female podiums in both distances to net some prize money. My left piriformis started bugging me a few days before the event, so I almost didn't run at all (I had not pre-registered since I wasn't sure how my 50k recovery would be going) - but I went to the race and started warming up, felt fine enough, and signed up. I ended up doing approximately: 4 miles warm-up, 10k race, 3 miles easy, 2 mile race, 2 mile cool-down for a 17+ mile day, and my piriformis didn't bother me at all when I was running fast. I won 1st overall female in the 10k, 2nd overall female in the 2 mile, and 1st masters in both - they allowed double dipping on masters prize money too. Then I got to spend the weekend with family, so it was truly a win-win-win!

I love these big check photo props, & hadn't 
won one since Run for a Child 2018!
The long:

I have run the Easter Sun run three times before, in 2016, 2017, and 2018. They cancelled the race due to COVID in 2020 and 2021, and I don't recall why I didn't run it in 2019, but it's always on my radar because I love to visit my parents for Easter and the race offers prize money. The downside of the race is that the courses are long, but I'm less bothered by that since I'm aware that's the case in advance, plus I am not in PR form anyway [nor will I ever again be for a 2 mile!].

My piriformis started bugging me after a big workout on April 4, which was possibly done a bit too soon after my March 25 50k - but I really think it was the riding to and from St. Louis and run-cheering on April 1-2 plus a new pair of prototype shoes I'm trialing... (surely not the 50k, lol!). I also got car sick riding to my parents' the day before this race. I went to bed the night before telling my family I wasn't sure what I was going to do and would decide in the morning. 

I felt okay when I woke up on Saturday, but not 100% ready to commit, so I decided to go to the race and jog for 10 minutes, then decide. My piriformis loosened up nicely during my warm up, so I registered for the 10k, making sure I could add the 2 mile for the combo registration fee if I felt up for it. The race organizers were very gracious with me making things complicated! The 10k started at 9:00 and the 2 mile at 11:00, so there was going to be plenty of time between them to change my mind 12 times update my registration. I kept running until a few minutes before the 10k start because it kept my slightly annoying muscle loose.

I was hoping I could win the 10k without running too hard. I figured when it started I'd just feel it out, but was hoping I could go with the first woman, and that wouldn't take much faster about 6:45 pace. As I looked around on the starting line, that seemed reasonable, then a couple of minutes before the gun, Julie, who I ran most of the 2019 Chisholm Trail Marathon with, jumped onto the line. I knew she'd be the one to beat, for both overall and masters. We said hi to each other and talked briefly about working together in the race.

Around 2 miles in

After the race sorted out, Julie and I were side-by-side tied for 2nd OAF. The woman in 1st wasn't too far ahead and I felt very controlled. I told Julie we could reel #1 in and she agreed. We passed the woman around 1.5 miles in, and continued on side-by-side. I felt like I was holding back and got the itch to push, but also kept reminding myself there was no reason to run any faster than I had to to win. The course was marked in kilometers, and I started thinking about when I should try to "go" (8k or 9k?). Our first 3 miles were 6:16, 6:25, 6:25. I didn't look at my watching during the race but if you'd have asked me what pace we were running, I'd have said about 6:40. It's always nice to feel that way - I have also had plenty of days that are the opposite, when 6:30 feels like 6:00! 

This was taken 5 seconds after the
previous photo after we rounded a corner

Around the 5k mark, we passed a man who asked if he could run with us. I said "of course" and encouraged him to latch on and that "it's always easier with others!". He did until mile 4.5 or so. Mile 4 was 6:23. I started thinking "only 2 miles left!" and wondering when I should try to take the lead. I felt really good, but I also very much enjoyed working with Julie and it's always easier and better together.

A different man came up on us from behind at about the 8k, and as he went past I decided I needed to go with him. I knew hanging onto him would make speeding up easier, and I'd rather not leave any race outcomes to a final sprint if I can help it [spoiler: the 2 mile ended up that way and my mind is still recovering]. Mile 5 was 6:18 so I'd picked it up a bit. I put a gap on Julie when I went with that young man, but I doubted I had much of a lead. The man asked me what my goal was for the race, and I said simply "Win!" and it made me really happy that I felt strong enough to put that out there. 

I don't think I'm a very good turner

That man left me behind in the last half mile, but I ran mile 6 in 6:14 and the final 0.4 also at 6:14 pace, which was good enough for the overall female win by 18 seconds. I had to run faster than I'd hoped to (I averaged 6:19), about 10 seconds/mile off of what I think I'd race it all-out right now, but I still felt reasonably good and most importantly my piriformis hadn't hurt one bit during the race. There is something to running more efficiently at faster paces!

My mom found the creepy Easter bunny

Coach Dad

After finishing I talked to Julie and my family, ate half a banana, and told my family my piriformis felt fine when racing but tightened up when I stopped, so maybe I should skip the 2 mile, especially if they gave me both overall and masters money for the 10k. The 10k awards were supposed to be at 10:00 and I spied the large checks for photo ops, so I jogged some but stayed close. As I moved again my piriformis felt better. I came back for the awards ceremony and told Jon I was going to run the 2 mile and would go register after the awards. He was nervous it would be too late, but the website said the 2 mile registration was open until 11:00 and I figured if for some reason I couldn't get in at 10:30 that just meant I shouldn't do it.

The awards happened around 10:15, and I got my first big check of the day, which was super fun! The announcer was great and mentioned my big smile multiple times - my dad's video is here. I also received first place masters prize money, and was pretty excited they let me double dip! There are different opinions on this, but I think if someone in masters runs fast enough to also place overall, they should get both. It's not easy getting old you know [see 2 mile outcome below].

10k awards

Top 2 masters were also top 2 overall

From there, Jon went to sign me up for the 2 mile, which went seamlessly, and I jogged until a few minutes before the 2 mile start. I'd planned to do that anyway to get in a long run, but it ended up that I needed to do it to stay loose. I ran about 3 miles during that time, putting me at over 13 for the day at the start of the 2 mile. I was feeling a bit like I was bonking, so I also took a gel about 10 minutes before the start and did a couple of strides. I wasn't sure what to expect for the 2 mile, but I was hoping I could podium (ideally win), but the problem with place goals is that it all depends on who shows up.

Fan-girling Deb Tornedon before the 2 mile

Unsurprisingly, I was in about 20th female initially, with a lot of young girls and teens out quick. After a couple of minutes I'd moved up to 3rd female, with a middle schooler out front and a fit looking woman in second. I was working quite hard (i.e., there was no way I was moving up at that point), and I focused on staying strong. I passed teenage boys, but by halfway I was pretty confident I was going to take 3rd female. I had no idea how close anyone was behind me so didn't let up.

I saw the 9k marker left from the 10k, and told myself, "only 3:00 left" (even though I was not running 3:00/k pace!). I was gaining on 2nd at that point, and though I felt like I was in cardiac arrest, I also thought I had a change of moving up. I reeled her in and was ready to pass with about 0.25 left. I really coached myself to pass with authority, and prepared myself to fight with all I had. The pain of a short race and gasping for air is quite different than that of a 50k (or even a 10k!), but I knew I had to push with all I had to make it happen. I was able to do that and came across in 2nd female! My splits were 6:08 and 6:09, so pretty even. I think I could have run 5:45-5:50 had I not already run 13 miles, but this was all I had with the 10k and 13 miles on my legs. The first place woman ran more like 5:35 pace, so there would have been nothing I could do even fresh. It gave me a little blast from the past; I remember when I was in junior high beating adult women in 2 mile races! I looked her up hoping I could say she'd won youth nationals, and found that she was 3rd in kid cross-country nationals 5 months ago.

After I caught my breath and congratulated the third woman who finished right behind me, I took off to finish my 17 miles for the day, 2.x more. My piriformis hadn't hurt one bit during the 2 mile, but was tight during the cool down, though not any worse than it had been at the start of the day. I then found my family again for the 2 mile awards. 

2 mile awards

I got another big check and nice shout out from the announcer. - my dad's video of that is here. These race organizers were so amazing! The event raises money for a Christian organization, they do BBQ for all of the runners and spectators (e.g., my family had 5 meals at the deal), the announcers have so much energy, the volunteers are enthusiastic, and the awards ceremony is such fun. My only complaint about the whole thing is that the 10k course is about 6.4 miles and the 2 mile about 2.1. The race runs on paths through a park, and starts and finishes in the same place, so they do what they can with those limitations (I'd suggest moving the starting line, but, oh well). It really didn't matter this year, as I wasn't setting any fast times, but a low-39 in 10k results does look better than a mid-40. I can't think of a better way to get in a long run workout the day before Easter. Every race is a blessing, and being able to start and finish these reminded me of that yet again!

"10k" (6.4 mile) results are here.

"2 mile": (2.1 mile) results are here.

Friday, March 31, 2023

March Madness

March 2023 in review!

Total mileage for the month: 371.1
  • Feb. 27-March 5: 102.3
  • March 6-12: 95.1
  • March 13-19: 85.6
  • March 20-26: 70.5
  • March 27-April 2: 70.5
  • March 25: Prairie Spirit 50k in 3:46:46 for 1st overall female and the second fastest women's 50k ever run in Kansas, behind 2022 me. I also negative split, which I could not be more proud of!
  • March 1: 4 x (1200 m threshold, 400 m hard, 400 m jog) in 13.3 miles total. This was the Feb. 9 workout without recovery between the threshold and hard portions. In theory the goal was to match the times from my Feb. 9 workout, which I didn't look at until after I completed this workout, but I pretty much annihilated them (the bar was set very low!). Better weather and running with Casey this time helped a lot. I did both workouts on the track. My splits were: 4:48, 1:26, 4:48, 1:26, 4:46, 1:28, 4:49, 1:29. I loved the threshold portions, and the hards were hard but over quickly! It was a good training stimulus for me. I wish I could have finished the final 400 a little quicker, but I was happy to keep it under 1:30.
  • March 4: Long run workout of 6 easy, 9 x (1 MP, 1 easy). This was a fun one and Casey and I worked together almost the whole way (she did 22 miles), which was super nice! The route we ran had 1089 ft of elevation gain, so it wasn't a fast one, but she is training for the Go St. Louis marathon, which also is not flat. My MP mile splits were: 6:38, 6:35, 6:47, 6:37, 6:41, 6:37, 6:26, 6:38, 6:45 (variations due to elevation) and I finished feeling great.
  • March 8: 6 x (0.5 MP-ish, 0.5 threshold-ish) continuously, which amounted to 6 miles at 6:12 pace per my Garmin. Half mile splits were: 3:14, 3:05, 3:17, 3:06, 3:17, 3:03, 3:17, 3:03, 3:16, 3:01, 3:15, 2:57. It was all a little quicker than MP/threshold, but I felt really strong and it's also amazing how easy 6:30ish feels after running 6:10 or under! Casey and I ran side-by-side this entire workout, which was very helpful.
  • March 11: 20 miles via 5 easy, 2 incline threshold (6:30, 6:21), 9 easy, 2 incline threshold (7:19, 6:21), 2 easy. The 7:19 is not a typo - that mile was into a 30 mph wind and once we turned out it it about 0.2 into the final hard mile I was suddenly running a minute faster at the same effort! Yet again I worked with Casey on this one and we had rough patches at different times, but pulled each other through so we were better together as usual. The inclines were very gradual but long and on gravel (rails to trails). The wind was sure a character builder - we ran into it for 9 miles straight!
  • March 14: 2 miles MP, 2 miles HMP, 2 miles threshold, 2 miles MP, which you math whizzes out there will see amounts to 8 miles of continuous work! The goal was for the first 2 to be "beginning of marathon pace" and the last 2 to be "end of marathon pace", so goal paces for the 4 different segments were 6:45, 6:30, 6:20, 6:35. It was another one with Casey, and we ran this on rolling hills so my splits weren't super even on the HMP and threshold miles - they were perfectly even on the MP miles but I'm not exactly sure how, lol! Splits were 6:42, 6:42 |, 6:28, 6:36 | 6:26, 6:15 | 6:27, 6:27. I had a rough patch during the first mile of the threshold, but then was able to come back strong. 8 miles straight at 6:30 average on rollers was really great for me right now, especially considering my bad day at Run with the Wind not long ago.
  • March 21: 2 x 2 mile progressive tempo in 6:21, 6:11 | 6:03, 6:04. Should have pushed the last mile a little more, or the second to last a little less! This felt peppy and strong, and it's always nice when a race week workout feels that way. Casey and Sierra did 3 x 2 miles and it was difficult to finish when they had another rep left, but I was on a really tight time schedule that morning that made me adhere to my taper.
  • Strides: March 3, 7, 10, 13, 17, 20, 24, 31.
  • Doubles: March 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 18, 22.
  • Favorite workout: March 8 and 14 tie for this! I'm loving pace shifting workouts lately (March 1 was great for the same reason, but it didn't win because it was too short for my taste).
Some days we don't even have to act
crazy to look mad
Long & Medium Long Runs:
  • March 2: 13.2 miles (8:20), because Abby had to do her 18 miler on a Thursday morning and I enjoyed joining for most of it.
  • March 4: 24 miles (7:28) with a workout, described above.
  • March 5: 16.3 miles (8:05) for my last 40+ mile weekend for bit!
  • March 8: 14.8 miles total, with the wave tempo workout described above. I also doubled on March 8, giving me a 19 mile Wednesday.
  • March 11: 20 miles (7:46), with a split tempo workout, described above.
  • March 12: 12.3 miles (8:27) that I was tired for.
  • March 14: 13.4 miles (7:09) with a workout described above. I doubled for an 18 mile Tuesday.
  • March 18: 12.6 miles (7:27), including a 2 mile pick up (6:31, 6:27), and doubled for 17 on the day
  • March 25: 31.1 miles (7:15), which has to be good over-distance marathon training, right? 
  • March 30: 14 miles (7:50), for Sierra's last pre-Boston long run, that also showed me I recovered really well from March 25.
  • Favorite long run: March 4, because, 24!
Matching March (this was not planned)
Casey looking awfully happy to be mad
Running Highlights:
Life Highlights:
  • Slightly running-related since I went with Casey, but we saw the Broadway musical Hamilton on March 5!
Matching March again, at Hamilton

Pre-Run Routines

  • Just two 5-star reads this month (in bold), but most of the others I gave 4!
  • Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren
  • All the Dangerous Things but Stacy Willingham
  • Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister
  • Verity by Colleen Hoover
  • Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney
  • The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica
  • Rivals Unto Death: Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr by Rick Beyer
  • The Quantity Theory of Insanity by Will Self
  • Never Never: The Complete Series by Colleen Hoover
  • Good for a Girl: A Woman Running in a Man's World by Lauren Fleshman
  • We All Want Impossible Things by Catherine Newman
Theme for the month:
  • Playing it by ear. I'm doing whatever races seem appealing and workouts with my running buddies, instead of aiming for the perfect planned and calculated build. There are certainly advantages both ways, and I'm sure I'll return to the other way, but it's good for me to be less obsessive right now!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Prairie Spirit 2023: A Photo-Documentary

 Mile 90 Photograph takes the best photos, so I had to share them all! My Prairie Spirit recap is here.