Sunday, January 28, 2018

Ozark Mountain Ridge Runners

My local running club is amazing!  I originally joined OMRR in 2010 when I first moved to Missouri.  Every year that I've been a member, I've won far more in gift cards, prize money, race entries, etc. than I've paid in dues.  We have a yearly competition and an awards banquet, both which Albani loves just as much as I do.  We also give back to the community by hosting four annual races that benefit charities, adopting a stretch of road for trash pick-up, volunteering at other running events that benefit non-profits, and by holding fundraisers throughout the year for causes such hurricane relief, local special education programs and autism centers, etc.
We both love to enter ROTY
In 2017 I was elected to the OMRR board, and it really made me appreciate how much the board does.  I felt like I did less than everyone else on the board, but I still did a lot.  I loved serving on the board, but I felt like I wasn't contributing enough because of my other life activities, so I did not accept my nomination to stay on the board for 2018.  I would love to serve again when Albani goes to college and definitely when I retire!  My favorite board duties were designing marathon and half marathon training schedules for members training for a local race, organizing race entry give-away contests, and helping design the new 417 Quad Series.

2017 awards
I missed the annual banquet this year because it was the same weekend as the Houston Marathon, but my mom and daughter attended.  One of my fellow club members was kind enough to pick them up and drive them so my mom didn't have to drive in an unfamiliar city in the winter darkness!  I asked Albani to go up and get my awards, but she got shy and made my mom do it.  She did go up to get our first place parent-child team award, though.  I also won $100 for my overall ROTY win!  Albani won drawings at the banquet for a $25 Bass Pro gift card and for a 5K race entry.  My mom even got a t-shirt.  I'd say our $30 dues were worth it (it's $20 per person and then $5 additional for each additional person in your household, and Jon, Albani, and I all sign up)!
She was more proud & excited than this photo
If you have a local running club that you haven't checked out yet, I encourage you too do so!  OMRR is welcoming to runners of all levels - from beginners who can't run a full mile to experienced marathoners - and offers something for everyone.  Runners are such positive and likeable people that you can't help but be blessed by all of those you meet!


  1. I've had a little more free time lately. I may need to look into one around here.

    1. You should! You have so much to offer to other runners.