Thursday, December 6, 2018

What I'm Craving While Injured...

Here is a mix of my healthy eating options and the downward spiral that was my eating when I couldn't run!  I crave healthy foods when I'm running, but I sure don't when I'm not.  I guess I need either the endorphins from running or the mood boost from sugar.  I tried to eat foods that would help my healing most of the time, but I admittedly ate a lot of desserts that I would not have during training.

This mango salsa topped teriyaki salmon with quinoa, rice, edamame, and kale was amazing!

At the end of September I started limiting caffeine to only before key workouts and races; therefore in October-November I had none since I was injured (at the publishing of this post I have still had zero).  I got several herbal teas that were a fantastic replacement for hot caffeinated morning drinks, and this one was my favorite.

I tried one of these when I was on a work trip, and it was AH-mazing so I had to try the other flavors.  I highly recommend them but they are far too pricey for me, so I'll be figuring out how to make them myself from the ingredient list.

I tried these when I was injured and eating all of the crap food.  They are probably slightly less unhealthy than standard cookies, but they are still processed packaged food.

We picked and ate our last garden watermelons in October.  Some were amazing; some were light yellow inside and thrown out.

I have perfected my oatmeal raisin bar recipe.  My husband devours these for breakfast almost daily so I have to make a huge batch to get many myself.

We harvested the last of our blackberries in early November.

We love baked fries!

Sweet potatoes continue to be a staple for me; the left one is topped with cinnamon and the right one with peanut butter.  I've been eating more almond butter but peanut butter is still my favorite.

One of many "injury treats"; this cookie dough shake was expensive but I won a gift card at work so it was free for me.

My healthy frozen treat, a smoothie made with almond milk, beets, frozen mango, and protein powder.

Not a healthy treat but frosting is my favorite injury food.

This was a frozen yogurt cookie sandwich from Orange Leaf, and wasn't actually that good...disappointing.

On the other hand, these mini-pumpkin cookie sandwiches were phenomenal...I ate the whole package.

I tried to eat a lot of healthy plates to promote recovery too (sweet potatoes with coconut oil and cinnamon, asparagus, roasted tomatoes, boiled fresh beets).

I found this at a local grocery store and craved it; the bread was very hearty and the ranch, although I am sure not at all healthy, really made the sandwich.

I don't recommend the caramel toffee, I DO recommend the peanut butter & honey.

Another one of my favorite snack combos: apples and almonds.

Sweet potatoes with cinnamon, beets, Brussels sprouts (Aldi produce special this month), and sweet and sour tuna.  I discovered and loved the pouches of seasoned tuna, which I purchased at Aldi but are available at any grocery store in different brands.

I used to eat a lot of veggie burgers when I was a vegetarian, but I hadn't had them for awhile.  These were decent, but I am going to try a different variety next time.

Cuties (also an Aldi produce special)!  Albani and I mow through these things.  They are tiny so I usually eat 4 at a time, and she has eaten up to 6 in one sitting.

Butternut squash, yellow squash, black olives, salmon, and beets.

When you're sick on a work trip and your colleagues bring you this...

...but they forget a spoon (the Indian was amazing, though)!

Second round of amazing Indian on a work trip. Two of us in the group wanted to eat Indian for every meal since there were about 6 Indian restaurants within a couple miles of our hotel, but we got vetoed (I would have fought to make it happen if I hadn't been sick).

The rest of the trip I ate Panera, which was right next to our hotel, because I was ill and tired.  I love their Pick 2 options!

Take 2 of Pick 2.

Finally, The Urban Cup in Springfield makes some amazing cupcakes (Italian creme, chocoholic, strawberry cheesecake, and pumpkin varieties shown here).

Since I resumed running, I've been eating well again (i.e., off multiple sweets daily).  It blows my mind how much different my food cravings are when I'm running vs. not running, even though I continued daily exercise.  I gained 9 lbs while I was injured (!!!), but before I got hurt I'd been somewhat run down and was 3 lbs below the 5 lb range I like to stay in - which probably did not help the injury-prevention case.  Good thing I started back to running before the Christmas treats started coming around!

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